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Zen Marketing Service Level Agreement

Zen Marketing aims to provide website and related services to a high standard. This Service Level Agreement aims to assure you that we deliver optimal performance for you. 


Basic Service Specifications:

Zen Marketing’s service includes Zen Website Service and Zen Social Service.


These services include membership to the online community at


The service in general includes designing, building and hosting websites for our customers and providing ongoing support and other services as described in detail on our website in the pages under Website Service.



Zen Marketing offers secure and reliable hosting, and our Website Service plan is suitable for providing availability of general therapists websites.


Zen Marketing uses shared virtual private servers hosted by one or more reputable hosting providers. These providers generally deliver a 99.8%+ availability guarantee which should be adequate for a general therapist's website. In the unlikely event of any downtime on your website, Zen Marketing will not be liable for any compensation.



Zen Marketing will back up your site files quarterly, and in the unlikely event of an accidental or malicious deletion, or hard drive failure, Zen Marketing will recreate your website using the most recent backup. However, you are solely responsible for the backup of your own site and content. Zen Marketing does not warrant to have a backup of your site and content and you agree to accept the risk of losing them. It is important to note that files that you upload including images and blogs may not be retrievable and therefore it is important that you save these files separately and re-upload them later yourself.


Reporting Issues:

Should a technical fault arise with your site, please forward an email directly to and we commit to getting back to you within 48 hours.  We will endeavour to resolve the issue as soon as possible.


Compensation for Incidents:

In the case where there is a technical fault with the virtual private server on which your site is hosted, we cannot be held responsible for downtime.

Support Hours:

Our support hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm excluding state/bank holidays.


To contact support for technical issues please send and email to subject ‘technical issue’. And we commit to responding to you within 24 hours.


Repair Time:

We hope to be able to fix most technical issues within a few days of receipt of your email.


Termination Right:

You can cancel your subscription and membership to our Website Service at any time without notice (except for Zen Social where there is a 3 month minimum contract).  

We are not in a position to offer refunds or part refunds for any advance payments made to us.


Zen Marketing owns the rights to any design, copy (created by us), logo, art, and certain photography work on the website.


Zen Marketing reserves the right to suspend or terminate service in the event of non payment of recurring fees. Service will be restored within 48 hours, once recurring payments resume.


Zen Marketing reserves the right to suspend or terminate service where:

  1. Customers use the service to send SPAM.

  2. Customers engage in copyright infringement.

  3. Customers change the nature of the therapy business promoted on their website to another unrelated business falling outside the health sector, by making changes to their website.

  4. Customers upload content that is offensive or illegal.


Scheduled Maintenance:

The operation of your website will be subject to occasional scheduled maintenance activity performed by your hosting service. Should this be significant, Zen Marketing will inform you by email with 48 hours notice.


Customer initiated technical issues:

Should a customer encounter technical issues as a result of their own editing work on their site that they cannot resolve, Zen Marketing will endeavour to fix the problem as part of their ongoing support service. However, if the problem involves more than 30 minutes of time to resolve the issues, Zen will charge the customer an hourly rate of €75 and a minimum of €100 to fix the problem.

SLA Revisions:

The  above SLA will remain in effect indefinitely, but it may be superseded in the future by a revised SLA. The revised SLA will be published to the Zen Marketing website and it is the responsibility of the customer to check for updates.

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