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Zen Social Terms and Conditions of use.


Zen Social Graphics Description:

Zen Social graphics refer to any graphic, image, video, gif or other content available for download, in any of our Galleries, on our site  



All Zen Social content is protected by copyright.


Limitations of Use:

  1. Zen Social content cannot be copied, duplicated, assembled and displayed in a private or public, commercial or non-commercial online or offline gallery.

  2. Zen Social content cannot be given, gifted, sold or rented to persons or corporations.

  3. Zen Social content is strictly for use by fee-paying Zen Social members of Zen Marketing ( for the purposes of sharing it on their professional Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. 

  4. Zen Social content is solely permitted for use on social media, on the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Membership and Payments:

  1. A customer can use Zen Social graphics once becoming a Zen Social member and by paying an agreed fee either monthly or annually in advance.

  2. Customers who opt to pay monthly for access to the Galleries must agree to a minimum membership period of 3 months.

  3. Customers may unsubscribe anytime following completion of the 3-month period and without notice.  

  4. When a member ceases to be a member, i.e. unsubscribes, or ceases monthly or annual payments, they must stop using Zen Social graphics from the date their membership or payments cease.  If a member continues to use the graphics after ceasing membership, they are in violation of the terms of use. 

  5. Customers who pay by credit/debit card and whose card expires, will be notified that payments have been interrupted and asked to update their payment method and resubscribe to be able to continue enjoying our services.

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