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Hundreds of ready-to-post social media graphics made specially

for therapists

Save time

Look great

Engage more


Posting is hard work...

Can't find the time to make posts?


Posts look unprofessional

and reflect badly on you?


Worried about copyright infringement?


Can't get consistency in posting?


Difficult to keep coming up

with ideas?


Not great with design and technology?


Hi, we're Zen Social,

the social media content experts for therapists and counsellors

Our mission:

  • To improve therapists' Google Search ranking.

  • To help therapists take the pain out of posting.

  • To help you spend less time making posts.

  • To improve your consistency on social media.

  • To help engage and attract more clients.


Categorised galleries that make posting quick and easy

Sensitive and relevant, contemporary and eye-catching.

Uniquely crafted for the therapist's social media audience.



Art Therapy




What is ?



Therapy Benefits


Self Esteem

Watercolour series

And more coming soon...

Getting started




Zen Social


What you get:

  • Exclusive access to our large, continuously updated, library of

       ready-to-use content including graphics, images and videos.

  • Tips and advice on social media marketing for therapists.

  • Access to our regular therapist marketing newsletter.

 Price €15

per month

Or included with Professional and Group Practice Plans

3 months minimum membership period.

Zen Social Terms & Conditions apply - click to view


What our customers say


"I love Zen posts. I always find something that reflects what I'd like to post. They make great eye-catching ads on Facebook."


"I post one every day or so between other stuff I post. It gives consistent activity to my page."


"I’m not great with design or technology so this service is perfect for me."

Frequently Asked Questions

What social networks can I post Zen Social graphics on?

Our graphics are permitted for use on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn social media platforms.

Can I use Zen Social graphics on my website?

It is ok to have a feed on your website from your social page. Otherwise we do not permit the use of the graphics directly on your website.

What size format are the graphics?

All our graphics are delivered in square format - perfect for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Can I use Zen Social graphics for anything other than Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn?

Our graphics are protected by copyright. The graphics are strictly for use on 3 platforms: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and only as long as the user is a registered paying member of Zen Social. They must not be used for any other purpose either personal or commercial. They cannot be given, gifted, sold or rented to persons or corporations. If a member ceases to be a member, they must stop using the graphics from the date membership ceased. If a member continues to use the graphics after ceasing membership, they are in violation of the terms of use.

Is it easy to use the service and post a graphic?

Yes, very easy! Simply browse the galleries, choose a graphic, download it to your downloads folder or onto your desktop. Then go to your social media page and create a post in the normal way. Simply upload the graphic from the location in which you originally downloaded it to. Alternatively, you can download several graphics and schedule them to post via a post-scheduling service like Buffer. Buffer offer a free service.

Can I schedule a selection of graphics to post using a scheduler?

Yes! We recommend using www.buffer.com who offer a basic free plan for scheduling a series of posts.

What are the Membership Terms & Conditions?

Please see our Membership Terms & Conditions below this panel.

Can I use the graphics to create paid advertisements on the social networks?

Yes! This is a great way to promote your practice in your local area. Remember the use of the graphics is restricted to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Our members area has lots of hints and tips on how to use the graphics in social media.

  • Now you're never stuck for a post.

  • Quality that never lets you down.

  • Engage more potential clients in your area.

  • Grow your business.

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