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Essential Themes

       Choose from four professional Zen themes designed to reflect four distinct feelings:

  • Our green-based, natural looking Heal theme evokes a sense of calm and restfulness. 

  • Our blue-based, fresh looking Connect theme is all about that important feeling of trust and peace.

  • Our golden brown-based, inviting looking Warm theme conveys your warm and dependable personality.

  • Our lavender-based, serene looking Empathy theme will give your visitors the feeling of being understood.

Essential - Heal

Calm & restful

Customise your theme with 85 images to choose from.

Essential Heal Header

Essential - Connect

Trust & peace

Customise your theme with 85 images to choose from.

Connect Header 05.jpeg

Essential - Warm

Inviting & dependable

Customise your theme with 85 images to choose from.

Essential Warm Header

Essential - Empathy

Serene & understood

Customise your theme with 85 images to choose. 

Essential Empathy Header
Healing Essential Theme
Connect Essential Theme
Warm Essential Theme
Empathy Essential Theme
Heading Essential
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